Business began Nov 1, 2013






























Birdís Nests





Custom and Original Hand Crafted Jewelry, Craft Supplies, and RV/Marine Upholstery


Due to the Corona Virus, our Point Of Sale Jewelry & Crafts business has been forced to go into other areas.


We have purchased a heavy duty sewing machine capable of sewing eight layers of denim and will be able to Repair/Replace RV/Marine upholstery, Sails, Pavilions, Tents and More.



Green Woven was 99% a POS business until the Corona 19 began to cause our governments to shut down just about everything. We have managed to do a little business here and there. Some one hired us to replace the vinyl covering for a boat seat. Word started spreading and Green Woven, as usual, continues to be a horizontal business with vertical trends, this new trend RV/Marine Upholstery.


Our second job for sewing is an order for custom made drapery. All sewing jobs are FIFO (First In First Out). And business is increasing.