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VIKING WIRE WEAVING and Various wire weaving techniques.

This is our resume site. We are a Point Of Sale business and a vendor at craft , renaissance, pirate, COSplay, street fairs and other events that have crafts. Gift and craft shop queries welcomed. Please check our list of events for 2020. We will be street vendors in various towns and communities in the California Delta during the week and weekends when we are not at a fair elsewhere in the state. Products available at the 2020 craft fairs: Connieís Designs and crystal balls, jewelry boxes, pendulum and hexagon crystal/mineral pendants, leather bracelets, cloak pins. Coming in 2020: Green Wovenís Needed Things: Materials for renaissance crafts, such pure yellow bees wax blocks, 100% pure hand rolled beeswax candles, crafting supplies and materials. We will be adding basic mead brewing kits.


This year we are starting to focus on materials made, manufactured and sourced in the United States. All of the wire we use is made in the US and with recycled metal. Unakite was originally discovered in North Carolina, for example. Many other precious and semi-precious stones are mined in the US.


Business began Nov 1, 2013

Green Woven

151 Oxbow Marina Drive

Isleton, CA 95641


Home based businessóno walk-ins allowed. Appointment only.

4/1/2020: Exciting news! We have found sources for Unakite from N.C., and Black Copper Turquoise and Black Tourmaline crystals from somewhere in U.S.A. We are in talks with an American bead company that can supply us with either beads made in other countries from materials mined in America and beads made in America from materials mined in America.

Connie Kramer aka Mary Grace MacApplin-Fergerson

We use copper, brass, sterling silver, gold-filled and niobium. We are planning to use bronze, titanium and gold wire in near future.


DBA & Licenses in Sacramento County, California, USA































Birdís Nests





Sapphire set in SterlingPeridot set in 14kt gold-fill wire

Grade AAAAA Cut Sapphire set in Sterling Silver Viking Wire Weave with Celtic Knot Necklace $149.95 Stone used below SOLD

Unique Peridot with three pearls on 14Kt gold-filled Viking Wire Weave setting: $149.95 SOLD